sq 1 feet Silesian Quilt

We are a producer of quilting feet with high edge. Our feet can be adapted to any home sewing machine.

We also have quilting feet on industrial lockstitch machines.

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You can not use standard feet for free motion quilting or embroidering

to work with templates and rulers!

It's very dangerous!

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What's this?

sq sewing machine


What is your shank on your sewing machine?

Put your presser bar in the down position. Measure from the bed of the machine to the center of the thumb screw (presser foot holder screw).

 sq foot shank size

You can also look for the foot for your sewing machine in our tables (click on the footer):

sq low shank list  sq medium shank list  sq high shank list


Most domestic sewing machines are low shank. Medium shank feet are suitable for some types of Pfaff sewing machines. 

Large sewing machines can have a high shank size.

 sq foot slant shank

If you have an old Singer machine and the length is 3/4 to 1 inch, you might own a slant shank

We also have feet for such sewing machines.

 Bernina sewing machines have a completely different presser foot system. 

sq bernina system

Our feet for Bernina sewing machines are labeled as mini low shank.


 How to properly attach the foot to the sewing machine

First you remove your regular screw-on foot or your machine’s presser foot holder and then you screw the new foot on the shank. 

You need a little screwdriver to screw the foot on and off.


Lower to the bottom position feed dog


Screw the new foot on the shank.

The height of the presser foot is about 3 mm. The height depends on the thickness of your sandwich.


The sandwich must slide freely under the presser foot.

The foot is too low!



Bernina has a specific clip-on system that no other brand uses.

To use universal presser feet on a Bernina sewing machine you will need a Bernina adapter.

There are 2 types of adapters, on for the machines before 1996 (old style - #75) and one for the models after 1996 (new style #77).

sq adaprer bernina


 Height adjustment on the Bernina adapter.


 Why our presser feet for sewing machines!

See comparison of standard quilting foot with high edge and our foot. Do you see the difference?


Large 9/16 inch diameter and a huge hole in the inside.

Everything for your comfort and safety in quilting.


And what is this small circle in the box?


Yes! This is an echo template, an additional 1/4 inch distance.


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Our feet are of the highest quality.

They are made by hand from aluminum.

Plated with nickel or gold.

Packed in a metal box.